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Why a tulip?


5 5/11 minutes past each hour per hour in arithmetical progression.

The happy precision of gears and well-oiled thoughts; the concurrence of energies as they converge into a single victorious trajectory.2 hours 10 minutes 54 6/11 seconds ante meridiem

Now watch the clock.  Keep your eye on it.  There. That was one.  Did you blink?  I can slow it back down for you if you like, I’ve done it before, but we’d be here forever.

Let’s try again.  There’s another one coming and there!  See it?  The longer hand and the shorter hand were at exactly the same angle of inclination.  That’s the moment, that’s the way in, you understand.  When the longer is the momma and the shorter is the girl, the way to shorter leads through longer and the way to longer leads through shorter.

Now pay attention, here it comes again and now!  You missed it.  Listen.  You think this is easy tinkering with time for you?  Try to focus.  You think it’s everyday a mother and daughter feel simultaneously inclined?  Yes it is every day, twenty two times a day, but I’m making a point, you owl, so don’t give me your shit.  … More