January 1, 2017

Many people have agreed to name this day the first day of January, 2017, and that this date marks the beginning point of the year.  2016 is over, now on this day we say 2017.  We need this sort of standardization so we might communally preform the usual cycles of society (commercial, political, spiritual, and so on) according to annual schedules.  As a people, like other cultures before ours, we enjoy feeling that that which has started, may start again.  An event that means enough to be remembered, can be remembered again.  Accurately.  We like to say this is the exact day upon which whatever it was happened, happened.

Our need for ritual depends upon such a precision to reality; this moment will come around again and we can plan when that will be.  But it doesn’t.  Temporal repetitiveness would be nightmarish.  Can you imagine the eerie sameness we would experience as we age?  In this Nietzschean eternal return1 what free will would we have?  … More

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